New Phone System Installation – A Safe and Contactless Solution

After almost 2 months of hibernation, you’ve opened your doors for business, and you can’t wait to get things going. As you turn on your lights and boot up your systems, you start to wonder about the safety of your employees, their families and continued success of your business. Should policies change to limit unnecessary interactions between staff? Should you offer remote working for certain employees?  Can they work productively at home?  Are you prepared for a possible next wave?  Who do you call for answers?  Future proof your business during the lockdown and beyond with Vox Tandem and 3CX Unified Communications business phone system, allowing work from home and mobility options, video conferencing, chat and much more.

Let’s be real: in this new COVID-19 ‘normal’, a contactless solution is what everyone is looking for.   If you are in a pinch, we can spin up a virtual system and get you up and running in as little as 30 minutes!

Choosing a Phone System

As a startup, small business or seasoned staple in your community, one dropped call could make the difference between viability and entrepreneurial failure. Choosing the RIGHT phone system for your business has never been more important than now!  Vox Tandem’s 3CX Unified Communications phone system is reliable and extremely affordable—the perfect solution. Not only can you take advantage of unlimited extensions and online phone management tools, you can also utilize the work from home features such as mobile and desktop apps, video conferencing and chat, keeping everyone connected!  The idea of your business phones being tied to your physical office location is a thing of the past, Vox Tandem is here to help you migrate to the future of communications.

3CX WebMeeting Video Conferencing with iOS/Android Mobile Apps.

With the ongoing pandemic and keeping the safety of your employees and ours as top priority, we have developed a contactless method to deliver a fully functional enterprise grade business phone system with ZERO contact. From the initial consultation to payment and delivery, we have streamlined our process for contactless fast delivery and installation. Physical phones are preconfigured and provisioned for your specific company and shipped directly to your office. In most instances, the installation of your new system is as easy as 1) unpacking the phone 2) connecting it to your network and 3) start exploring the many features such as video conferencing and chat.

Number Portability – Keep your own number!

Porting your existing business number is a simple process that allows you to transfer a number (that you already own) to Vox Tandem.  This allows you to skip the hassle of having to notify your clients and update your advertising with a new number.   

Although it can take between 5 to 7 business days to port a number, if you are in a pinch or emergency situation, we have a solution.  A temporary telephone number is assigned and your existing company telephone number will be RCF (remote call forwarding).  In doing so, it will provide you an immediate solution while waiting for the port to complete. 

Benefits of porting a phone number

  • Anyone who already has your number can still reach you.
  • Switch to a system with better functionality without losing business identity, your already advertised number!
  • Keep your number as you switch from a landline to a hosted cloud business phone system.
  • Save time and money by not having to update your website, business cards, and marketing materials.

100% Happiness and Satisfaction Guarantee

Hopefully you’re 100% happy with Vox Tandem from the get-go. However, if you want to part ways for any reason, you can return your equipment and cancel your service for a refund up to 30 days from when your equipment ships.  At Vox Tandem, your satisfaction is always guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with every aspect of the sale from the installation to features, quality, etc., you are eligible for a refund.