3CX UPDATES – New Live Chat Box Engages Website Visitors

Adding onto the release of Update 7, the 3CX Live Chat plugin has undergone a makeover too. The plugin now offers a more engaging way to invite people to chat as well as provide important contact details – agents will never miss a chance to turn a visitor into a potential customer!

New Live Chat Greeting

The new chat greeting gives the option to display a customizable welcome message to prompt your visitors to start chatting, even when agents are offline. Clicking on the greeting opens up the chat box window where users can start the conversation and be quickly engaged to provide more information. We’ve also included many configuration options to give flexibility to the administrators, such as icon customization and visibility of elements across specific devices.

live chat greeting

No More Forms!

Forget boring forms. The revamped offline chat gets all the required information in a friendly, conversational style. Visitors are asked to provide name, email and information about their request through a 3-step approach. When agents are available, they then have all the info at hand to follow up during work hours.

live chat conversation

Personalized Greeting

To provide a more friendly customer experience, we’ve added variable support for the visitor name. For example, if it is configured and the visitor has provided the name and email, the welcome message will be:

Hello David! How can we help you?

Unread Indicator on Minimized Chat

A new unread message indicator informs the customer when an agent responds to the chat for a more efficient and user-friendly experience. This makes exchanges between customers and agents more rapid, saving time and allowing for a greater number of issues to be resolved.

live chat unread message indicator

How to get live chat

Install live chat on your WordPress website with our new updated plugin.

If you don’t have WordPress you can use the easy online wizard to generate a code snippet for any CMS.

Known Issues

Variable support for the personalized greeting is not currently available in pop-out mode.

By Constantinos Constantinou|December 15th, 2020|https://www.3cx.com/blog/releases/engage-customers-live-chat/