And PC Pro’s Business Software of the Year 2020 Goes to…

3CX! In 2020’s PC Pro Technology Excellence Awards, 3CX once again bagged the title of Business Software of the Year. Not only is PC Pro the UK’s biggest selling monthly IT magazine, but they’ve also been running their Technology Excellence Awards for an incredible 23 years!

pc pro business software of the year 2020

Each year the magazine curates the very best in software, hardware and services and, as one of the leading authorities on everything tech, the awards are one to watch out for! The Product of the Year categories are selected based on the vigorous testing and reviewing of PC Pro’s editorial team and their lineup of testers – also from Expert Reviews and IT Pro.

Editor-in-chief, Tim Danton, had this to say:

“The PC Pro Excellence Awards does exactly what the name suggests: it rewards the companies that truly excel. When people and businesses are spending hundreds of pounds on products, they deserve to know that they’re not only buying great products but that they will receive good support if things go wrong. And when it comes to products of the year, it’s always a pleasure to reward companies that deliver a standout product with an award to mark the achievement.”

2020 has presented many of us with challenges we’ve never faced, and tech companies like 3CX set about to provide solutions to help ease the pain of lockdown and restrictions. At the onset of the pandemic, 3CX provided businesses with a free, easy to implement communications system to help them adapt to remote working and get back on their feet. It’s this ease of deployment and flexibility that undoubtedly helped see 3CX nab the title of Business Software of the Year.

Dharmesh Mistry, Managing Director Specialist Division at Dennis commented:

“PC Pro has been providing its loyal readers with authoritative, balanced reviews on the best tech products and services for over two decades. This year has obviously been very unique, with so many people having had to rely more heavily than ever on their tech, turning their homes into offices for months on end, so standing out to our readers and testers in a crowded market is impressive and I congratulate all the winners.”

Not only is 3CX the ideal solution for businesses looking to implement remote working, but recent updates to the software have made the system a more powerful solution for customer service and contact centers. So businesses can continue to offer top notch customer service even when agents are working remotely.

By Amy Elliott|November 23rd, 2020|