Creating an Audio or Video Conference

Schedule a Conference in the 3CX Web Client

To create an audio or video conference, click on Schedule Conference” on the Web Client’s sidebar and select:

Schedule a Conference in the 3CX Web Client
  1. “Type” – select audio or video.
  2. “When” – immediately or schedule for later.
  3. “Subject” & “Notes” – add conference title and notes for participants.
  4. “WebMeeting Profile” – select “WebMeeting” for a video conference or “Webinar” for a presentation and click on spanner button to adjust settings.
  5. “Add Participants” – select and click “Create Meeting” to add participants from Google, Microsoft 365, Outlook Online or Desktop Outlook (.ics) and send an email with the web meeting URL.
  6. Selecting Desktop Outlook will automatically download an .ics file. Opening the file will open a pre-filled calendar entry in Outlook. From here you can invite participants to your meeting. If you have Microsoft 365, you should select this instead.

💡 Tip: Selecting “Webinar (Classroom)” as “WebMeeting Profile” enables you to add participants by importing a CSV file formatted as:Name Surname, 

Create an Ad Hoc Video Conference with WebMeeting

Quickly organize a video conference with these steps:

  1. Click on WebMeeting” on the Web Client’s sidebar and then on “Join Now” to create a new video conference.
Copy the meeting link to share with colleagues and contacts.
  1. Copy the meeting link to share with colleagues and contacts.
  2. Send the meeting link through email or chat.
  3. People open the meeting link to login and join you in the video conference.